Thursday, April 8, 2010

A quick project to share with you today

Hi all,

Well as some of you know I am still away at the moment and am having a fab time!! I'm super busy though so have just popped on to share something with you today.

As I'm away I haven't got my hands on my Crafty Alley Kit yet - but I can't wait to start creating with it ! Have you got yours yet? If not - be quick!

This is a book that I made from scratch last week. We threw a Bridal Shower for my friend, and during the shower, we set up a little crafting station, and during the course of the evening, every lady there made and decorated a page with either her best recipe, or piece of household/marital advice. We then popped all the pages into this book I made!

I made it using old cardboard backing pages from pads, and bound 36 pages into it. I then decorated it - it took a very long time but I was very happy with the result!!

I added lots of different ribbons, fibres, feathers, lace, buttons and charms...

I hope you like it!!
Katie xx

1 comment:

  1. This Book is as good as it looks,with a good solid feel to it. the tassles and charms on the spine complete the look.
    What an individual gift that I'm sure Ellie will treasure...
    Well done katie xxxxx