Thursday, July 15, 2010

Online Crop Shenanigans!!

Hi Everyone!
I thought I would share with everyone the amazing creations from our July Crafty Alley Online Crop.
We had a choice of two projects, an easel card or a criss cross card, and this is what our crazy group came up with!
First up.. Sandie.. who managed to get both projects done using the papers from the July Crafty Alley kit...

Next up we have our very talented DT member Robyn, who went very quiet for a little while and then came back with this masterpiece!! :)

Next up we have Nicole who made these two cute minature cards with lots of sparkle...

Our friend Maria in the UK made this gorgeaus girlie criss cross card....

Jo was working on her anniversary card for her hubby.. and very cleverly combined the two projects in one... between Pina Coladas...

Next up we have Cathy.. who shock horror made a card! You would never know it was her first ever card.. gorgeous!

Last up we have the lovely Ann who made this beautiful feminine criss cross card using the July kit!
We also played some little forum games.. and wrote this little story between us.. it needs an ending though if anyone fancies giving it a shot in the comments....
One day, Cathy ordered some Websters Pages for her girls, to write their 'Storybook' tale, but by the time I had placed my order online, to my horror, guess what?! They had all but gone. So I had to then consult my under-sized pet giraffe, and I got advised to stick with fluffy pink marshmallows. Now, knowing that giraffes are known for their tall stories, and love of sweet treats, we decided on another plan, to climb a tall tree. But then, Felicia and Ebony, with their fear of heights, got called in for tea, and saw a mountain and decided, with the lovely Irish weather, it was time for a ................................
Good luck making an ending to make that all make sense! Looking forward to seeing your endings!
Katie xoxo


  1. it was time for....a super fun online crop!

  2. LOL! Love the story. I got too busy chatting and forgot to add any more to it. Great way to spend an evening and everyone's cards were fantastic.